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Life is fragile!

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Life is fragile

Nothing makes you feel more alive, than when dusting your feet at deaths door. A particular recent event served to remind me of this fact. Time ticked slower, events played like a dream, and survival instincts kicked in automatically. Truth be told, if not for Gods intervention, I won’t be writing this today.

After an almost tragic event comes the reflection. It’s best to reflect objectively, but I’m human, and my emotions influence my subjectivity. The one phrase that kept replaying is that “Life is fragile.” I realized I was guilty of living like I am indestructible. Like the boy in the plastic bubble. It took one moment to remind me of that illusion. Like if I closed my eyes with my hands, the monsters will go away. Oh what folly!

I don’t say this to infer that I should live my life in a constant state of worry and guard. Au contraire mon fré! I say what I say to remind myself that life is fragile, and instead of ignoring that fact, I should embrace it. I should also embrace the fact that there is the master story tellers who has my destiny in the palms of His hands. I should embrace the one in control knowing that He wants nothing more than to see my soul prosper.

So no need to sweat the small stuff! If life’s fragile, no biggie. Bring it!

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Music Video World Premier

We are so excited to announce the release of our newest single and video for #VoicesOfThePeople. You may remember that this was the song that was entered into the SuperSong contest. We went back in and rerecorded some different parts at the The Deep End Studio (Tony Correlli) and worked with our amazing friends with Springwood Productions on this fantastic video.

On the recording, you will hear the voices of some of our closest friends and family including mOsno [The 3rd World Rockstar]Shelby Blondell, Eddie Emokpae, & Tara Slesinger.

Our video features a dastardly villain who also happens to be one of Baltimore’s most talented men, Femi the Drifish, and our beautiful angel, Mia (Thanks to Dave & Shelia for allowing her to be apart of the video). The video was filmed at the house of our good friend, Trent, in Patterson Park.

At the end of the day, we could not have accomplished any of this without–you–the fans and especially those of you who contributed, shared, or supported our Indiegogo campaign.

Purchase the new single today:

Nelson, Tyler, Barry, Samba, & Daniel

PS. Please share this video everywhere you can with the Hashtag #VOTP

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