Nelson “Nelly” Emokpae

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Years of Experience: 24

Role: Vocals/Acoustic Guitar

Gear: Taylor guitar, Godin guitar, Seagull guitar, Air guitar.

Biggest Musical Influences: I would say I really started playing out and about after immersing myself into Jason Mraz music in the winter of 2005.

Fun Fact(s): “In 2012 I was on Season 3 of The Voice!  One of my favorite things to do is roll my car window down, stick my head out, and have a perfectly normal conversation with a strangers dog. The dogs never seem to mind, but the strangers act all weird.”




I met you when you came to my school, Ithaca College, last year. We spoke after your performance and I even bought your CD. Mr. Leroy was my favorite song of yours that you sang that night, but you hadn’t recorded it yet so I gave you my email and you said that you’d send it to me once you recorded it. I see that it’s on your newest album and I was hoping that you could send it to me now.

Thanks so much and good luck,


Mike Glass

Great to meet you in Leavenworth. Great voice, even better character and personality. Cheers friend and good luck with your career!


You guys were great tonight at Ryleigh’s Oyster! Thanks for a heartfelt performance.


Amazing voice and awesome personality. Lover your music! Good luck with future albums! <3


I just heard you yesterday at he pig town festival in Baltimore and you did a cover of You are the best thing, and I was 😍. Any chance you could sing it again and post it so I can listen to it again?

Brandon Matté

Had a very fun interaction with you. Not gonna lie, didn’t know who you where at first. When I found out you were a musician I thought you were a small musician, didn’t realize you’d been on the voice. Had a very fun time talking with you. Come back to Spud’s Grub Hut anytime man.

Debbie Ramsey

Would you and/or your band be interested in playing/singing your song “Voices” at the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade in Baltimore, Md. on Jan. 18, 2016? Your provided me a CD on Nov. 27th at Teavolve Café in Baltimore. I cannot stop playing that song! We are a Penn North Youth Violence Prevention Center and will be in the parade w/our kids and mascot. Visit our site at
Last year there were over 10k on the parade route.
Peace & Justice,
Debbie Ramsey
Unified Efforts, Inc.


Had the pleasure of hearing you at the Operation Paws for Homes dog rescue group fundraiser in Middleburg, Va last fall. I’d love to have a copy of that wonderful love song to your dog that I believe you opened the show with. I was volunteering so wasn’t paying enough attention to get the name of the song. Is it on one of your records?

Looking forward to catching another show soon. All the Best!

dan killi

saw you at “This is my Brave’ show and you were great.

Jenn’s Dad


Thanks Dan. Your daughter is doing a great thing, and I’m honored to be a part of it.

Wes miles

I enjoyed your concert tonight at lander great meeting you afterwards!! And I love being anknoedged as the only one in the front row the only one in the front row


Apologies for my delayed response. Thank you so much for sitting in the front row and having a blast.


Listen to songs and albums by Nelly s Echo, including Live Love N Laugh, Secrets To a Happy Life, Journey, and many more.

Sara Kezia Lili and Oceana

My daughters and I bought your cd at belevedere square earlier this summer and have listened to it something ridiculous like probably 200 x 🙊
Anyways. We’re checking your upcoming gigs because: can’t get enough ! XO


Just saw you tonight at MD Live! So happy you’re local. You were awesome! Can’t wait to catch another show.

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