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Why am I writing this blog?

Even though I have committed to writing a blog every Monday, I had to stop myself today to ask the question why? What could I possibly write about that no one doesn’t know of already? What new insights do I have to profound or  superficial topics? Who cares? If a musicians blog fell in the forest and no one was there to hear it or read it, does it make an impact?
FYI, if you are waiting for the answer to my questions, don’t hold your breath. The one thing that I do know is that anything of value in my life has only come about through action. Yes action is the operative word here. If I had waited for the perfect circumstances in Newport News Virginia to play my first ever bar gig to an empty room for two hours, I would never have continued to where I am today. If I had waited for the perfect time to audition for the voice, I would never have been on the show. If I had waited to understand the science of giving a public speech, I would never have presented my first TEDx talk. If I had waited for the perfect conditions not to fail, I would never have succeeded.
So today with this blog, I don’t know what to say and I have no new insights to the workings of the mind, or the world. What I do know is that I cannot afford not to try. I give a big shout out to all my fellow failures out there. A big shout out to all my fellow action people. A big shout out to all my take a step of faith people. It’s OK if you make one out of 10 shots. It’s much better than missing 100% of the shots you don’t take.
The moral of this blog is don’t wait for the perfect conditions not to fail. “Just do it” like my boy Nike would say 🙂
Here’s a free song listen as a thank you to anyone that took the time to read this till the end.

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True story I made up


This is a true story I just made up!

Yesterday, while boarding my Delta airlines flight en route to Orlando Florida, I got upgraded to 1st class due to overbooking. I proceeded to take my 1st class window seat as I sat patiently waiting for the lucky passenger that would be seating next to me. Apparently my seat partner was running late, as she was the last person to board the flight. She must have been running in order to make the flight, as she was panting upon arrival. She sunk into her seat next to me as she muttered what appeared to be curse words under her breath. She had a baseball cap on with dark sunshades, which did a decent job of hiding her facial features. She looked familiar?

We eventually made it to maximum cruising altitude, and I proceeded to further complicate her day by tapping her shoulder to request room to squeeze past her to go to the bathroom. It was then that I got a good look at her face. Lo and behold, I was sitting next to Halle Berry.

Needless to say, I couldn’t really focus on my bathroom session, as Halle was on my mind. I couldn’t believe I was sitting next to Halle Berry. I eventually composed enough to confidently make my way back to my seat. Squeezing past her for the second time, I did my best to manufacture and ship a smile her way. To my surprise, she just hissed at me, and turned away in obvious disgust. As I melted into my seat, I found myself contemplating her reaction. Not only was it rude, it was downright dismissive. Part of me was angry that I cared too much, and the other part was a little perturbed by her reaction. I was determined then to give her a piece of my mind.

I again tapped on her shoulder, this time not so gently. As she turned angrily towards me, I postured up with every intention of giving her the verbal and emotional lashing she had earned. As I opened my mouth to begin my assault, I was reminded of the moral of this story. Don’t believe everything you read, especially true stories I just made up 😉



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