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Just Do It :)


Ain't No Sunshine

Just Do It

Nike is one of the most successful sports brands of all time, and their slogan is “Just do it!” It’s amazing how we often forget the power of such a simple statement.

As a musician with what I’ll call modest success, almost everything noteworthy I have accomplished in my career has not been due to elaborate plan or foresight, but just simply taking action. The first step is always the hardest, but it is the most significant. From recording my CDs, to being on The Voice, to quitting my full time job and pursuing music, success always followed a calculated leap of faith. #justdoit

I am reminded of how I approached the recording of my first ever EP in 2007. At that time, I had no clue on how to put a CD together. Armed with motivation, passion, and a few mistakes along the way, I eventually completed my 1st CD titled “live love and laugh.” I remember thinking to myself that I was just going to go for it and enjoy the process. I’m not advocating running wild and blind with every novel idea one can think of. What I’m saying is if there’s a conviction about a direction, we owe that conviction an action. #justdoit

I’ve got some really interesting ideas for the very near future for my music and brand. For a second there, I was playing it safe and scrutinizing every promising idea away. I’ve learned my lessons and I’ll just do what my boy Nike said. I’ll “Just Do It” and I’ll encourage you to do the same. #stilldoingit

Keep making good music the soundtrack to your life. #done


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Stop recording life, live it!



It’s amazing how people nowadays see beautiful events like a concert, comedy show, or spoken word presentation through the eyes of their smart phones.  As a performer, I see this epidemic steadily and stealthily taking over my live show performances. I understand the need to capture a video here, or a picture there, but the whole show? Really?

I know we live in a world where information sharing is paramount and the need to upload is an itch too hard not to scratch, however, there is  magic in being and living in the present. Singing, clapping, and dancing along are slowly becoming a thing of the past, and we must not let that be.

So go out to the next live event and enjoy the moment through our wonderful senses. Feel the beat, move your feet, clap your hands, taste the sound, breathe the air (the air at a Marleys concert might be a little suspect) and just enjoy the moment.

See you at the next show.

Nelson aka African elevator music provider


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