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Music has always been my therapy right from my early days. I’d be throwing concerts in my head in the play ground while my friends would kick kick and chase chase the soccer ball around. I had music attention deficit disorder, and it’s still a wonder I made it through school without Ritalin, as I spent half the time music daydreaming. I’ve always found comfort and compromise in music, as I would hum my way through a day, and depending on the tune I hummed, it afforded strangers a peek at the kind of day I was having.

This past wed at the water street tavern, I was allowed to daydream a little on stage as the audience was small in number, but humongous in quality. Got some of the best tea for my sore throat all thanks to the sweet bartender Andrea. We got have a nice laid back conversation as I was setting up. Guess what I’ll be requesting to drink this next wed?

Christi is making a case for my number one fan as she brought 2 of her friends Noemi and John. Talk about 2 people who you gravitate to and like even before they got a chance to say hello. I guess birds of the same feather, well u know how it goes.

Further, my main man Matt officially declared himself a fan of Nelly’s Echo, and I felt a strong urge to award him a medal, but that is one habit I cannot afford to sustain . Matt you rock! I kept talking to Pedro the cook like we were long lost friends even though that was the first time I’d ever seen him. Si!

My favorite couple happened to be the only couple there:) Mike and Angel had not heard me play for over a year, and they chose to spend thanksgiving eve with yours truly. Angel tried to score a free CD with soothing and encouraging words for me, but I’m not falling for that trick for the 100th time. Funky fresh to the heck yeah.

I’ll be playing there again this wed from 9-11pm. I’ll be testing out 3 new songs for what I hope will remain a quality crowd of people like this past wed who sat, talked, drank, laughed, sang, and hugged quite a bit. Till we meet again, keep making good music the soundtrack to your melodious life.

Nelson aka Halle Berry’s Ex

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I refuse to fail…I will not fail! Without warning, my life has changed from the predictable to the unpredictable. I’ve dug this musical well for water for so long, and only now am I starting to see signs of life. Through several successful college showcases over the past couple of months, I’ll be embarking on over 60 college shows(and counting) in the next 3-4 months. Funny the dream I’d always dreamed, the vision I’d always had, the journey I’d always travelled in my mind, is now reality. Pedal to the metal folks, I’m taking no prisoners in this race.  I guess overnight success truly was 10 years in the making.

I look forward to countless experiences on the road. I pray the Lord my soul to keep as I’m sure to walk through valleys filled with shadows and death. Through it all, I will emerge  stronger, wiser, meeker, and hopefully with bounties of melodies and lyrics that will make the next album. I hope to connect with people one melody at a time, and live the life God has called me to live which excludes all mediocrity. This journey all over the country I know may sometimes be hard, but nothing great comes easy. Pray for me.

I’ll keep you all updated as best as I can as I continue to get better with blogging, tweeting, face-booking(made up word) and emailing. I’ll leave you with the breathtaking view from my hotel window this past weekend in Ontario California-which btw no one knows exist. Till we meet again, stay funky fresh fam, and make good music the soundtrack to your life.

I’d love your feedback concerning the blogs or anything concerning the music.

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