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1st blog…what to say?

Let me start by first saying thank you to Temi for creating this website to help promote the music. She had to put up with my last minute kinda “cool” style of getting things done. I think it’s cool!

I’m not a blogger, but I do realize the need to stay in touch with the fans, so I’ll periodically post blogs especially after shows to capture really cool happenings in black and white…

Thanks to everyone who has made Nelly’s Echo a success. From the fans, to the friends, and the family members of the band who lend a supportive hand, I say thank you. The gift of music which I describe as “the pill we swallow to make the pains of living easier to digest”, is one I don’t take for granted, and hope to share with everyone I come in contact with. There are so many instances where the compliments from an adoring fan brought joy to my then troubled state, and I’m sure the same could be said by a fan about Nelly’s Echo music.

This music thing is a two way street. We the performers are “Nelly”, and the fans “Echo” their appreciation. Hence Nelly’s Echo. Let’s bless people’s lives one melody at a time, and please my friends, “Make good music the soundtrack to your life”

I’ll leave ya with pics from our latest show at Boordy’s Vineyard

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