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Saw you at DCCC playing. Loved it! You guys are great! Thanks for playing, and adding some sunshine to our campus today!

Karen Bark

Hello, my name is Karen Bark and I represent Baltimore Style Magazine. Style Magazine is a lifestyle magazine with a readership of 100,000 in Baltimore. We have been in the community for 25 years.
We are working on the September issue of Style and this is our annual Fall Arts Issue so I was hoping to reach the person who handles your advertising and marketing. I saw one of your ads in another magazine and thought it may be a nice fit for Style. If you’d like to learn more about our demographics and rates please let me know.
Our September issue publishes August 25th and the deadline is July 27th.
thank you,
Karen Bark


So sorry we missed you for playing the Maryland Music Awards this year on May 13th. Hope we catch you for the next one!

Ned Kuczmynda

Saw you guys the other night on the avenue. Solid Set! I especially enjoyed Purple Rain. I write for a very small website called The Critical Optimist that reviews movies, books, video games, and music. I’ve been writing a piece on you guys and your performance on friday night, and I was wondering if you could supply me with the name of your Keyboardist?

Martha Kitchen

Their show was cancelled on 7/6 at Belvedeer Square. Will they be rescheduled?

Martha Kitchen

Their show was cancelled on 7/6 at Belvedeer Square. Will they be rescheduled this year?


Unfortunately I don’t think they will for our show, but they have music there every Friday 🙂

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