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What’s your story? Here’s mine…

I’ve become way to accustomed to airport customs is all I think as I sit here at the Charlotte Douglas airport en route to Denver. The spring tour is finally coming to an end this may and I’m honestly grateful to see some blanks on my calendar as my body and mind needs some time off. It has been magical, and words will not do the journey I’ve had any justice. The people I’ve met, the places I’ve been, the experiences I’ve had, the lessons I’ve learned and the mistakes I’ve made I will forever treasure. I’ll cherish the good, the bad and the ugly.

I’ll one day sit on the front porch with my kids as I elaborate on the journey I’ve had and will continue to have. The story will be one filled with whistles and bells. Dramatic long pauses and theatrics for emphasis as I watch their faces light up at the exploits of their dad. I’ll of course have a guitar in hand as I’ll often try to recreate famous scenes in hopes it’ll spur them to live out their dreams too. “Life’s too short to not make a difference” is what I’ll say and I’ll finish with “always leave someone better off than when you found them”. At some point in this feel good moment, mommy will interject with news of unfinished chores for the kids…and I.

This road I’ve chosen is one filled with sacrifice and uncertainty, but with God on my side, this boy with a guitar will sing his song for all to hear. What’s your song?

Life is good! Music is great! God is the greatest!

Nelson aka artist formerly known as Halle Berry’s Ex

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I sang, she wept

Music is powerful!

She sat in front, no one in what probably felt like miles to her left and her right. She wore a look of indifference on her face as the show went on for what seemed like forever for both of us. I made some jokes, funny faces, and even attempted some vocal acrobatics to no avail as she sat alone upfront without an expression to suggest one mood or the other. It wasn’t until I played that song.

The song is called 1000 broken hearts, and I revealed the story behind the song before I sang it. It’s one of heartbreak from love gone sour and I think her body language changed for the first time all show. Midway through the song, I stole a glance her way to behold a fountain of emotion that had overwhelmed her eyes, soaked her tissue, and trickled down her chest. My heart went out to her as I didn’t want her to feel alone in her pain as I have been there too. Without fear for the outcome or certainty she would be inviting, I made a beeline to this my fellow victim in the game of life and love after the song and gave her a hug. That was one of the best hugs I’ve ever given or received. Truth be told, I needed it almost as bad as she did, but God forbid I wear my heart on my sleeve like this beautiful soul in front of me. A few words were exchanged during the hug, but for both of us, the message was quite clear. It was going to be alright! You live and you learn.

It’s moments like this we live for as the performer and the audience. Past all the whistle and bells of entertainment, we just want to feel connected and that are not alone in the journey of life. I hope I made her day as she sure made mine. Life is good, music is great, God’s the greatest.

Nelson aka nelly aka what happened to my clothes.

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