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I Lost my voice so I blogged about it!!!

My 1st Video Blog of 2015


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Power of Meditation

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Meditation today in my opinion is one of the keys to a healthier mind. Let me begin by saying I’m not, and I don’t claim to be an expert in meditation. The visual stimuli alone we are bombarded with via our smart phones, TV screens, computer screens, and other mediums is enough to cloud the mind with what I call “mind chatter.” If you think I’m wrong, try closing your eyes now and focus on one thought and watch how your mind starts to race in every direction. It’s impossible to control, unless you work at it. Every mind needs a reset button for rest and refocus. I know one way this can be accomplished is via proper meditation.


Over the past week, I tried unsuccessfully to write a song, and each time I found my mind racing. The cares of the world and the worries of life sneakily worked their ways into my mind chatter.  Just like a flower cannot blossom when choked out by weeds, the mind can’t focus or create when mind chatter chokes it out.


I’ll encourage you to begin spending some time daily quieting the mind chatter through meditation. We are constantly being bombarded with stimuli that we are slowly becoming robots. Find some quiet time everyday to meditate on peaceful, positive, uplifting truths and affirmations. Watch the wonders it does for your health, spirituality, and relationships. Over the past two days, I’ve done the same, and I feel the creativity coming back, and the chatter lessening.



Keep making good music the soundtrack to your life!




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