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Rowan oh Rowan…

The drive to Rowan university with my good friend Varnie was very relaxing. Definitely doctor recommended after a very stress filled week. I think the entire hr and a half drive there was spent reminiscing and listening to comedy on my ipod.

The whole drive there, we pondered on the idea of a school scheduling a music event on a friday nite. We figured the turnout would be terrible as finals was also upon the students. 3 musicians were scheduled to play on this cold wet bitter nite and I was scheduled for last. I went on at 11pm. Matt Santry began with some beautiful tunes, Natalie Gelman shared a piece of her soul, and I did my best to bring sexy back only to realize sexy never left.

For a small and sparse crowd, they sure were engaging and fun. I can speak for myself and say I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and I think the students did likewise. I’ll gladly be a welcome break to the rigors of school for the students anytime. Met some cool peeps, and all in all, a fantastic nite.

Till we swoon again, make good music (nelly’s echo’s music of course) the soundtrack to your life.


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