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Secrets to a happy life college tour begins…

I couldn’t have asked for a better 1st 2 shows to begin my “Secrets to a happy life” tour. I walked in Memphis TN on 1/19/11, and danced in Hartsville South Carolina on 1/21/11.

University of Memphis was one beautiful school with a fantastic crew that catered to us. Heather our contact person was full of positive energy and Memphis lingo which gave Chuck the mad ox and I several good laughs. Brianna n the rest of the crew made the whole show run smoothly and without a flaw and I’m forever grateful for that. I was taught a new dance during the performance called the “cook.” I still don’t have it completely down, but by the next time I return, I’ll have it mastered. Chuck and I went Ham (Memphis lingo for going hard) on our performance, and the students had a great time.

Coker College, Coker College what can I say? From the flight in, it had memorable written over it. Long story short, I flew in to Hartsville SC with Daniel Booker with the connecting flight at Charlotte NC. Our flight out of Charlotte was first delayed and then eventually canceled after we had boarded robbing us of 5 hrs. It was 2pm at this point, and we found out that the drive to SC would take us 2 1/2hrs. Sound check was at 6:30pm btw! To further worsen matters, no rental car companies had branches at our location which meant we had to either catch a shuttle or rent a cab. 300 bucks and a cab later we arrived at our hotel at 6:15pm yipikayee!

The show at Coker was magical. The students were fantastic, and the sound guys were spot on. We had a blast with a very interactive and engaging crowd. Shout outs to my man Josh, my home gurl Jessica, Lisa, Caitlyn, Sam, the Sarahs, Kris(hahahaha sprinkles), Devin, Ashley and to the rest of the crew whose names escape me now. After the show, Josh, Jessica, Kris, D Booker and I went to Applebees for some much needed grub. All I’ll say is SPRINKLES KAMIKAZE(Kris u made my day).

We got back to b-more today even though we almost missed our flight because we, Josh n Jessica included were having a casual conversation after breakfast at Ihop 40mins before departure. Talk bout loosing track of time. Josh you are one crazy driver!

2 down and many more to go. Connecting people one melody at a time is what Nelly’s Echo is about. Thanks for making my dreams come true and till we sing and dance again, continue making good music the soundtrack to you life.

Nelson aka Nelson

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