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I’m amazed by the great need we have to feel connected to one another. To feel like what we say, what we do, and who we are matters. I say all musicians, myself included, are applause junkies. That instant gratification that our creation that was just presented made a connection with the audience. However superficial like the occasional applause to the profound like the tears of appreciation, there is that desire to make a connection.

One of the greatest feelings I ever got was after a performance, this little princess came up to me with pupils dilated as wide as her smile and said “Mr may I please get ur autograph”. Even a 6 yr old child feels the need to connect, and I had to hold back the tears of validation that welled up within. There was this other time a mother brought her daughter to me before a show and said that her daughter knew all my songs by heart. I thought she was exaggerating until I invited the lil one up on stage only to realize she knew the words better than me. I did shed a tear that time, but played it off as dust in my eye. Fast forward to my show a couple of days ago in Longwood college. I’m performing “If I were the king” on stage and out in the audience, people I’d never seen before are repeating the words back to me. I feel alive because I’m connecting.

Facebook is popular I think because it affords even the average joe to get that instant validation for a post. I “like” simply means I approve of what you did, said, and who you are. I just heard there is more traffic to facebook than google. Like instant coffee in the morning, we need our instant validation from book face to know we are accepted and that we matter. There is nothing wrong with this, but as we know constantly looking to an outside source for validation will never satisfy. What happens when the music fades for me, and I’m alone in my hotel room. No crowd to sing my songs, no ladies to flirt with me, no high fives, and no validation. I’m left to alone with thoughts, fears, hopes, dreams and illusions of grandeur. I realize that although music is an extension of me, I’m validated by the fact that I was fearfully and wonderfully made in God’s image, and that He has a perfect will for my life. This should be yours too.

I’ll keep connecting with people with the gift of music with the prayer that the music gives each one I meet a greater sense of worth and validation while slowly leading them towards the only one who offers that validation that will never leave them thristing again. Stay funky fresh and please make good music the soundtrack to your lives. Love you all!

Nelson aka rockpaperscissors aka sir big lips

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