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The Introvert ROCKSTAR


Okay I won’t go as far as to call myself a ROCKSTAR, but I figured it would better help me convey my message. I will however go as far as to label myself an introvert, which makes my career choices a little puzzling.

See I’m the lead guy for my band/brand Nelly’s Echo, but I could also be found guilty of occasionally being physical therapist. I picked two occupations that demand that I engage with my audience/patient.

From my limited understanding of the definition of an introvert, it summarizes as one who gets their “batteries” recharged from moments of quiet and solitude. It is not to be mistaken for being shy or reserved, as that suggests actively avoiding social situations. I actually don’t mind stimulating social situations, however I tend to crave the moments of quiet reflection afterwards. For example, one of my favorite things to do after a long show, is to take the longer route home with the music off, windows down and just my thoughts for company. That’s probably why long drives between shows don’t bother me, as they afford me time to reflect.

I will confess however that I’ve had to work on my skill of engaging my audiences and my patients. For an introvert, when given the option of to engage or not to engage, there is a natural tendency to not engage. I’ve had to fight that tendency over the years, and now it’s more 2nd nature.
It has helped me become a better musician, therapist and person. I guess “success is truly just outside your comfort zone.”

Well that’s a little slice of the man, the myth, the legend. I am a man! The myth is that I crave being the life of the party. The legend is that I’m the worlds greatest introvert ROCKSTAR (Imagine me saying that at the top of my voice, on the mountain top, with my guitar held high). The reality is that ROCKSTARS aren’t born, they are made!


Jeff & Faythe Moore

Looking forward to hearing you at Maryhill Winery Saturday, Aug. 6th. Also, we will try to see you at 3Eyed Fish Wine Bar as we live in Kennewick. Love your sound.


I also look forward to seeing you both. Make sure you come with some musical appetite.

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